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R.O.V. Services - Underwater Equipment

(R.O.V. - Remotely Operated Vehicle)

ROV Survey, Inspection, Navigation, Positioning and Mapping

Every customers receives a DVD and a written report detailing the R.O.V. Inspection.

  • Potable/Non-Potable Water Storage Tank Inspections
  • Archaeological Researches
  • Diver Assistance
  • Dam Installation
  • Oil Field : Platform & Sea Line
  • Pollution Prevent
  • Power Plant Installation
  • Recovery
  • Salvage
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The ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) is very effective for inspecting potable water tanks. The submersible unit "swims" through the tank via propellers and surveys the roof, seams, standpipes, and cables. Its camera captures footage while robotic grippers can take samples of corrosion. The ROV makes tank inspections safer, more affordable and, therefore, can be done more frequently. The ROV performs with the same inspection quality as would the services of a diver. The ROV is submersed into disinfectant as per AWWA regulations and guidelines before being lowered into the potable water tank or standpipe. It uses a 250-300 foot tether and is manipulated through the water by a trained ROV operator.

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