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Do you DRAIN your tanks to have them inspected or cleaned?

With Advanced Diving Services you don't have to!

When we inspect your tank, we do so with the utmost care and concern. We use both digital photos and narrated DVD to show you the conditions inside and outside the tank, both above and below water. We inspect the cathodic protection component, do pit and blister analysis, corrosion estimates, and we also inspect hatch, vent and ladder conditions. We cover all points per state regulations and follow all AWWA standards closely. When the inspection is complete, we provide you with the digital pictures, narrated DVD, and a written report on conditions and recommendations to remedy any problems. Remember, Advanced Diving Services can take care of any of your tank needs WITHOUT draining your tank, saving you both time and money!

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Tank Cleaning

Because Advanced Diving Services has developed advanced methods for removing sediments and debris from water tanks, we are able to provide the client, YOU, with a cost effective solution with absolutely NO down time! Our patent pending Hydro-Vac produces no turbidity while the diver is in the process of cleaning the tanks and removing sediment. This process saves you money, water and time! Paul Walker states, "It's the most effective way to remove sediment from water storage facilities" and "their process actually removes protozoa spores that can deplete chlorine reserves and potentially cause other, more severe, health problems." So keep your community and your own family safe by cleaning and inspecting your tanks regular!

Below are some of the types of tanks we service
ASME Specification Tanks Plastic Tanks Water Storage Tanks
Fuel Tanks Tank Cleaning Equipment Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Tanks
Storage Tanks Double Wall Tanks Stainless Steel Tanks
Custom Tanks Septic Tanks Custom / Septic
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