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We specialize in Cleaning and Inspections of Potable and Non-Potable Water Tanks, Marine Construction, Hazmat Diving, Maintenance, Public, Remote Operated Vehicle Inspections and Emergency Response. We have been cleaning and inspecting water tanks in every corner of the United States for over 10 years; our experience and dedication to water quality and diver safety have helped us to become a leader in the inland commercial diving industry.

Environmentally Friendly Company

Here at Advanced Diving Services we feel very strongly that we all need to do our part to help the environment; that is why we are pleased to say that we are a green company, using only Food Grade- Biodegradable-Environmentally Friendly Oil in all the equipment we use. Using Food Grade Oil in all water related works is mandated by the AWWA, these oils are designed to minimize the environmental impact and have low environmental persistence. All the lubricants we use are NSF 60 & 61approved, meeting and exceeding the industry standard.

Is this what your tanks are hiding?

sediment build up

Your tank should look like this!

clean tank

Hidden Bacteria

Bacteria and other contaminates can get a foothold in the sediment out of reach of the chlorine or other treatment chemicals entering the tank. Hidden in the sediment the bacteria can then grow and flourish creating a health risk. A nitrate eating bacteria can even deplete your chlorine levels leaving you at even greater risk.

Maintain a Healthy Water System

Removing the sediment and keeping your tank clean is the best way to maintain a healthy water system. The traditional method of cleaning tanks involves taking the tank out of service for several days while the sediment is removed with buckets and shovels. Dewatering the sediment often results in a much harder substance to remove requiring it to be broken up and chipped away often at the expense of the painted floor of the tank. Using our modern technology, potable water storage tanks may now be cleaned while they remain full of water with little disruption in service saving you time and money.

Keeping Your Tanks Clean

Keeping your water storage tanks clean may be one of the most overlooked maintenance procedures in the drinking water industry. Out of sight and out of mind, sediment in the bottom of your water storage tanks is never seen and rarely thought of. The sediment that builds up in almost all potable water tanks can be a habitat for bacteria and other contaminates like cryptosporidium that devastated the city of Milwaukee in the spring of 1993.

corded tank

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